Thursday, June 30, 2011

i can't stop thinking about...

...the vases in these pics!

The white one in this pic:

Photo: Source

and the pink one here:

Photo: Source

If anyone of you recognizes them, please let me know where they are from, or who the maker is! It'll be a great help!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Great use of space!

I just found these pics of Eagle Street Rooftop Farm on It's a proper farm in NYC and it's situated on top of a warehouse! YES! that's right! It's on the rooftop.

It's a regular little farm where they grow veggies, keep bees, hens...and even rabbits! And what's amazing is that not only does it help improve the environment but they also sell fresh produce to it's a running business. Absolutely brilliant!

I wanna visit :(

Monday, June 6, 2011


No, don't worry, I'm not going under the knife anytime soon...but I gotta admit, my blog can really do with some work.

I feel I've changed so much since I started blogging back in September 2008. And much to my dismay...(and let me warn you, this might come as a bit of a surprise to some of my "loyal" *cough* readers) I've actually grown up a little! Yes! the inevitable has happened...besides, my younger sister never stops reminding me that I'm now an old spinster of exactly 28 years and 6 months! Hmmm...suddenly the idea of a facelift sounds very tempting.

I've recently found myself reading blogs again...maybe it's gotta do something with the fact that I'm out of work (again!) and have a lot more spare time on my hands! Or it might have something to do with my sudden hatred for (almost) everyone on my twitter timeline. Whatever it is, I'm back on blogger and I'm loving it.

So, with a promise to update soon, I bid you this space.