Thursday, June 30, 2011

i can't stop thinking about...

...the vases in these pics!

The white one in this pic:

Photo: Source

and the pink one here:

Photo: Source

If anyone of you recognizes them, please let me know where they are from, or who the maker is! It'll be a great help!


Abir Ibrahim said...

ahhh yes. I love interior design. When I was young I always thought I would become an engineer or some type of internal designer but I pursued medicine - greaaaat. lol

p.s the white vase is gorgeous mA.

sadia said...

I always wanted to go into interior design too. Unfortunately went into early childhood education and then admin. But now that I'm not working anymore, I have a lot more time to dabble into my passion - art and design. I can't wait to move out so I can decorate my own place. lol!

Abir Ibrahim said...

SADIA! Oh my, we are twins! My mother is a super clingy person when it comes to her space, so she refuses to let me decorate the house or even my own room *sigh* parents. But insh'Allah soon enough we will own beautiful homes and we'll get crazy in them (our mother's will be jealous).

sadia said...

AMEN!!!! hehehe

shafaq said...

Assalamu 'alaykum Sadia, hope and pray you are doing good, Insh'Allah. Just wanted to ask you about Abir Ibrahim. Have you got any info about her, is she fine? She has totally disappeared, I feel concerned about her. Praying she's all fine by Allah's grace. Ameen