Monday, July 25, 2011

Artist Melanie Gissing

Melanie Gissing is an artist based in Dubai, UAE. Having spent her childhood in Abu Dhabi and Bahrain, Melanie then moved to the UK to study art & textile/fashion at university. After finishing her education she settled in Bahrain where she started painting professionally and was able to sell a lot of her work. During that time, she was also able to hold solo exhibitions of her paintings on more than one occasion.

"I began my painting career in Bahrain in 1990 using traditional Arab architecture and typical Bahrain scenes as my subject matter. I then moved forward onto painting details of carpets and as a very natural progression due to my love of all things textile, and especially my love of traditional Arabia." -

This talented artist has recently set up base in Dubai and has started painting again. Melanie is also a regular at the several art fairs and exhibitions that are held through out the city.

My favourites:

For more information on the author, her artwork and contact details click: here


Chick Flick Journal said...

I love it when foreigners come to the gulf and their art turns Arabian and beautiful. Very artistic <3 Loved the first one <3

Spring Blend said...

loved the first two drawings masha Allah..very beautiful and full of life ^__^

thanks for sharing ; )

sadia said...

CFJ: Yes! I love how they get influenced by Arab culture!

Spring Blend: You're welcome! :)