Friday, July 15, 2011

The Burning House

What are your dearest possessions? What would you grab first if your house was burning down?
Money? Passports? Wallet? Your favourite teddy bear?

The Burning House (click here) is a website that asks you to take a pic of the things you'd take with yourself if your house ever did catch fire.

Here are some of their readers' entries


Spring Blend said...

HellOoooo :D

Interesting Q

Mmmmmm I guess I will take my bag with the wallet in it this is the first thing that came to my mind

My laptop and wedding pictures I just remembered this :D

And of course before all this my abaya and shella :)

What about u ? ; )

Anonymous said...

The real question here is if I am willing to run out of the burning house. Perhaps it is burning for a reason. I think I should just sit down and burn along with everything else.

Nazsheikh said...

I have nothing(material)worth saving in case of a fire,except for my passport.(i figured that i would need a vacation to get over the fire trauma, any excuse for a vacation).

sadia said...

Spring Blend:
I had forgotten about the abaya and sheila! hehe..I would probably grab my bag, a pair of shoes and probably my jewellery!

I hope your house never catches fire! ;)

Any excuse for a vacation huh? ;)

zainab said...

i guess what 1st pops to my mind is my bag which contains: my blackberry + iPhone + camera + wallet!
just if i could carry my cuppborad lol

What I Like said...

I never thought of it...i would probably be too scared and take nothing :/