Thursday, July 14, 2011

Get To Know: Meera AlDhaheri

One of the nicest people I’ve ever come across is the talented Meera AlDhaheri. A talented Graphic Designer from Al Ain, living in Abu Dhabi, Meera (who is turning 23 next month) is a natural in the kitchen. She has been cooking up a storm for quite a while now.

As a child, she bonded with her mother while helping her cook in the kitchen. Her mother instilled in her the love of cooking, so much so that Meera calls her mother her inspiration.

One of Meera’s earliest memories is of eating cookie dough while lending her mom a
hand at making chocolate cookies! How adorable is that!

“I’ve been focusing a lot on sweets but recently, I enjoy cooking savory dishes as well” - Meera

What I wanted to highlight in this post is Meera’s blog.

Even though she hasn’t been able to update it as often as she’d like, Meera has still managed to put quite a few delicious recipes up. Not only can you see Meera’s cooking abilities, but you can also take a peek at her remarkable photography and graphic designing skills. So please check it out:

Meera's Kitchen

You can also find Meera on twitter: @artiki

Apart from her blog, Meera also runs her own home business called Flavors Bakeshop.
She's on a hiatus for the summer, but you can follow Flavors Bakeshop's website (here) or on twitter (here) to stay updated on when she'll be back in business.

Some of Meera's mouth watering creations for Flavors Bakeshop


Rupert Neil Bumfrey said...

I will not do a post on cup-cakes! ;-(

sadia said...

LOL! Rupert, the post is about the amazing baker, surely you're impressed!

Chick Flick Journal said...

wow mashAllah. she seems to be really talented! the food looks so good. i ish i could cook :(

sadia said...

CHJ: She is an even nicer person than she is a cook. Mashallah! Get started!! Practice makes perfect! NO? ;)