Sunday, July 3, 2011

Going Green For Versace

Recently, I've completely let go of myself. I'm not going to the gym anymore, and I'm not exactly eating right. And with my height and body type, as soon as I let go a little, I put on a lot of weight...and fast!

One more thing that I've stopped doing which had previously made a BIG difference to my health and also my figure is I've stopped having green tea.

Green tea had worked like magic! Not only did it help me shed off the unwanted weight but it also kept it off, allowing me to cheat a little with junk on an almost regular basis. I'm going back to it starting today...okay, maybe tomorrow. Promise :$ I have to get myself to down it 3-4 times a day without thinking too much of it's unpleasant, unsweetened taste. ugh!

Inspite of getting engaged late last year, I haven't kicked into getting back into shape. You'd think a girl would stop eating entirely in order to fit into the perfect wedding dress, but I had spiralled into the exact opposite direction *blushes*....up until NOW!

Ever since I learned that Versace's Iconic collection for H&M is gonna hit the stores in November, I have been pumping myself up to get back into shape! Afterall, I HAVE to fit "nicely" into those dresses!! When I told my fiance about my newfound determination to get into shape, he sarcastically replied: "well it's good to know you've finally found some motivation." LOL!

Here are my two favourites:

The white dress is especially nice!!




Anonymous said...

Hmmm... Maybe I'll have to try drinking green tea. I usually don't like the taste, but if it helps loose weight... ;)

sadia said...

hey amal!
it really worked for me! :)