Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Patriotism With An Edge: Linzi Kan Designs

I recently came across designer Linzi Kan’s work and I knew I just had to blog about it! A former student of design at university, Linzi has previously worked in the film industry in the UK and is currently working out of her home studio here in Dubai.
She started with the idea of giving expats a piece of their home country, and this idea took the shape of the well crafted flag cushions, skulls and the beautiful framed flags which she makes herself. Available throughout the world via mail order, her designs have made their way to UK, USA, Egypt, Bahrain, UAE, Canada & a few other places!

If your country isn't represented, Linzi also takes orders, and will make the flags, cushions and skulls on demand!

"Flags are something unique to each individual and nationality, easily identifiable and really do mean something to people. The framed skulls where just an extension of this, call it 'Head of a Nation' if you like." says Linzi

"I wanted to make the flags look older and well travelled rather than new and pristine. As if they had been flying somewhere for a while or kept and passed on from person to person." - Linzi

Some of Linzi's not-so-patriotic but oh-so-fabulous work:

these winged heart cushions are my favourite!

Cushions range from 125AEDto 200AED. Framed Flags 200AED and Artwork at various prices.

You can get in touch with Linzi through her website gorgeoustuff.com

Or you can find her on facebook.

Phone : 0508572377

If you're in the UAE, you can personally meet Linzi Kan & purchase her gorgeous stuff at the Arte Soukh this Friday (8th July) at Town Center, Dubai.


Anonymous said...

I want the Lebanon cushion! Do you get yourself one?

sadia said...

You should ask her to make you a Chinese and a Lebanese one!

Linzi told me that a lot of people buy them as wedding gifts. For example, if the bride is from Lebanon, and the groom is British, then people buy the two cushions for the couple! :)

I'm going to get the winged heart one. Those are my fave! :)