Sunday, July 24, 2011


In several African cultures, beads have not only been used as a form of adornment, but they have also been used as a means of communication. The colourful beads are strung in different patterns, each carrying its own significant meaning.

For example, according to this website on Zulu beadwork, the pattern on the necklace below is used to announce that a man and a woman have been engaged to get married with the consent of both their families.

Inspired by the tribal beadwork, Thorunn Arnadottir, a London based designer from Iceland, has used Swarovski crystals to communicate a more modern, personal messages through adornments. And what is the message that her crystal patterns deliver?

The QR code.

"Could traditional African beadcraft be used in its original function of communicating identity but used with modern technology in contemporary context?" -

This "super-self-promotional" dress has been designed for Steed Lord's band member Kali.
The design is composed of several QR codes that link to the band's online promotional material giving the fans instant access from their cell phones.

I've never seen QR codes look this beautiful!

Take a look at more creative work by the designer on her website:


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wow that's very creative. I love the colors

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WOW i want!