Wednesday, July 20, 2011

These last 24 hours...

have been a little difficult. I had a lot on my mind and I was feeling extremely depressed. But thanks to someone special, I'm smiling again. So, for that someone, and I hope he's reading:

Growing up, I've always kept journals. But after a while, I always ended up tearing them to pieces and throwing them away. I guess the thought of suddenly dying and someone reading about my deepest darkest secrets, hopes, dreams and wishes is a little unsettling. I'm hoping I won't do the same with my current moleskine.

Similarly, last night, I deleted most of my blog's older posts. As most of my old readers know, I had almost stopped blogging altogether for a while, and honestly, I didn't even recognize the old Sadia. After going through the posts I was like "what was I thinking?!" *giggles*

It's all part of the growing process I guess. Life's funny that way, isn't it?
When I was upset earlier today, that "someone" told me that it always gets better, and one day I will look back at this period of my life and laugh about it.
We all know that, don't we? And still we all need constant reminders!

And! As most of you may have noticed, I've made a new header for my blog! I hope you guys like it, I'm actually very proud of myself! :P
I was going to add a few more details, but I got impatient and lazy and couldn't wait to see what the header would look like on the blog.

I've also created a facebook page for the blog, so it makes it easy for my readers to follow me! ^_^

That's it for now.
I'm going to leave you with some words of wisdom:


Photos: Sorce


7ala Moh'd said...

First: Allah bless whom gave you back your smile, great blog indeed, & I loved you for being my "burn the old journal" partner <3 Never quit blogging ;']

Hafsa said...

Hi there
Well let me start off by saying that I'd like to tell you that I am not at all pleased with you deleting your old entries or tearing off pages of your journal. I have always wanted to have a diary, but couldn't keep one because I had siblings literally tear the house down to find it. They read my horribly embarrassing entries. I felt violated, embarrassed and was subsequently inhibited from journal keeping for years to come.
But then came the world of live journal and I was able to keep my secrets, dreams and simple wandering thoughts within the confines of this beautiful enclave.
I have been keeping a blog and lj for years now. I have those ugly first entries in there. I visit them occasionally to boost my spirits, to remember a part of myself, or just to have a good laugh. Most of the entries are poorly worded, have horrible spelling errors or mention thing I would even never want to recollect in my waking hours. Nonetheless they’re a part of me. I used to be that person. Even though the entries need rigorous editing, I don’t touch them. I let them be. That person writing that used to be me. Since there is no such thing as time travel, the entries somehow act like substitute to that.
Deleting those entries is like travelling back in time and killing that aspect of myself.
Well, in the end, it’s your blog and it’s your choice. You do what you think is best, but I had to say what’s on my mind. I hope it is cool with you.

sadia said...

Thank you for your comment! <33
With readers like you, Inshallah I won't quit ^_^

Haffee, everything you say or do is cool with me freindo <3

Chick Flick Journal said...

The first thing I noticed was your new page design. Love it! Light and fresh. You know although I'm a new reader to your blog I love it so far. I haven't read your old posts but I soooooo relate to what you're saying. I hope you're feeling better love xx

Waiting for your interesting enjoyable posts xx

zainab said...

welcome back :D yeah i noticed that you were missing!

i used to do the same with my diaries.

What I Like said...

I Love the hear...very creative

ttFN said...

Lovely images! x

sadia said...

thank you all for the comments! muah!