Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Timeless 40's Glamour

I love the 1940's influence in the Autumn/Winter collections for this year. I'm not one for trends, but this style never really goes out of fashion. The pencil skirts, the fur, gloves and pearls! It's all so dreamy and glamorous. What I love the most about this look is how ladylike and sophisticated it can be. Here are a few of my favourite looks.

One of the best collections in my opinion was Donna Karen's:


Miu Miu:

And of course, this romantic look was illustrated perfectly by Kate Moss in Miu Miu, on the cover of Vogue UK, August 2011


zainab said...

very interesting blog! I really enjoyed reading some of the posts :)

Nazsheikh said...

Your blogs seem to shift in to Fashion, love it. is this a summer thing heheh. anyhow loving it.

sadia said...

Thank you! :)

new interests perhaps! ;)

Chick Flick Journal said...

I love the forties. Timeless, sexy, elegant, classy. love the shades, colors, prints, hairstyle. It's probably my favorite. Loved the post xx

sadia said...

thanks CFJ!