Wednesday, August 31, 2011


"100 years of East London style in 100 seconds. Sept 13th 1911 - Sept 13th 2011."

Loving this well executed video, showing how fashion has changed in England in the last 100 years. I especially love how they chose to show the change through dance!

The video is part of the campaign for the Westfield Stratford City shopping center in London.

"Opening 13 September 2011 as Europe's largest urban shopping centre, Westfield Stratford City is set to transform the retail landscape.
Westfield Stratford City will offer an innovative fusion of brands, experiences and formats over three levels and amongst a blend of indoor and outdoor environments."

The Sosia by Emanuele Magini

The Sosia
The Sosia (which means 'double' in Italian) has been designed by Emanuele Magini for the Italian brand Campeggi. Magini's take on the sofa-bed can be used as two armchairs than can be arranged in more than one way with the possibility of turning into a single bed that offers some privacy to the person sleeping in it...sort of like a small sleeping cabin.

I think these could be kinda fun if you share your living space with friends/siblings, or if you have guests staying over often.

More: Emanuele Magini | Campeggi

Monday, August 29, 2011

Banana Republic x Mad Men

Half the charm of the TV show Mad Men for me is how good it looks. The interiors and the clothes are just dreamy and reminiscent of an era when both men and women looked polished and properly put together.

For this limited collection, Banana Republic has actually collaborated with Mad Men's costume designer Janie Bryant to create updated, wearable versions of the typical Betty Draper and Joan Holloway looks. The collection includes my favourite pussy bow blouses, cardigans, dresses, pumps, pearls, silk scarves and leopard print bags, clutches and belts.

The men's collection includes the Don Draper suits, trench coats and sweaters. Typical accessories of the time such as fedoras, money and tie pins help achieve the complete look.

Who can resist a man dressed like Don Draper?

Watch the preview:

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Life...Oh Life!

Photo of balloon:
Lyrics: Des'ree - Life

Artist Crush: Leonid Afremov

The Pensive Harbor

Florida based artist Leonid Afremov, usually paints using only the palette knife and finds no need for brushes. I love his use of colours.


Evening Stroll

Bid on originals: HERE | Buy prints: HERE

Saturday, August 27, 2011

My Eid Gift From Niftee ♥

Received this beautiful Eid gift from Aljoud Lootah of Niftee.
(Read my previous post on Niftee HERE )
The especially designed jar holds some dukhoon (Arabic incense) made by her own grandmother. How sweet is that!
I've added Niftee's own photo of the gift so that you guys can take a better look at the pretty jar!

The words "Eid Mubarak" in Arabic calligraphy printed on the lid. (left)

More on Niftee:

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Fashion For A Good Cause: nawá

Nawá is a social project aiming to bring sustainable improvements in the quality of life of poorer communities around the world, starting from designer Nadine Mezher's hometown just south of Beirut (Lebanon). Nadine who launched the project this summer, aims to do this by producing high-end luxury fashion goods that have been inspired by the culture of the community producing it. The profits will be put towards building the required facilities and developing the skills of the people so that community can then manufacture similar items themselves, earn a living and eventually improve the quality of their lives.
Nawá's first creation is this beautiful bag aptly named "The Tree of Life". I love the use of embroidered jute on these leather bags, giving it a real crafty, artistic feel. In keeping with the high-end standards, the bag's chain and logo are plated in gold and is made of the highest quality of materials. I simply love how it looks and I'm really, really hoping to get one.

To shop for Nawá or to find out more:

Photo credits:
Photography: Sherif Mokbel
Photo.Assist: Mo Younes
Stylist: Nadine Mezher
Makeup Artist: Manal Maalouf
Hair Stylist: PACE E LUCE
Model: Sanna Ericsson
Production: Circus Studios

Peaches Footwear

Peaches is an new brand launched by three Emirati girls, specializing in footwear. Their debut collection consists of these cute flats (my favourites) and they have their eyes set on becoming one of UAE's biggest brands. I wish them luck!

The shoes are very reasonably priced. The ones with the bows are for only 150 AED, the spikes for 200 AED each, while the ones with the leopard print are for 300 AED.

You can order a pair by writing to them at:
Alternatively, you can order through their facebook page (CLICK HERE)
And if you're in Abu Dhabi, you can get them from Grafika Boutique, Al Wahda Mall

Madonna Chairs by ByKAL

Loving these armchairs by ByKAL, especially the one with Madonna on it. Don't they look like fun?!

ByKAL "recreate hand selected antique pieces and restore them into bold, modern, and self defining pieces. Each byKAL item is one-of-a-kind."
Based in Dubai, ByKAL produce bespoke "couture" furniture, customized interiors for homes, and offer hospitality & retail design solutions.
Find out more:

Apart from the quirky chairs above, ByKAL also produces more conventional, but equally unique pieces of furniture like the pair of armchairs below:

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Muna AbuSulayman's 2011 Collection

Finding modest, yet elegant clothes can be such a problem. And more often than not, most of us end up layering, and honestly, in this weather, that's not always too comfy. That's the exact reason why I'm loving Muna AbuSulayman's new collection. The clothes are beautifully made and although they are modest, they aren't frumpy.

The fabulous clothing line was born out of Muna AbuSulayman's need for modest, yet fashionable, affordable clothes that fit well too. According to Muna, she uses the finest materials for her designs and many of the same manufacturing facilities as Givenchy and Valentino. Inspite of this, she has managed to keep the prices affordable.

In KSA, the collection is available at Harvey Nichols in Riyadh and at Alsawani in Jeddah. The beautiful clothes have also been showcased in Qatar and there are plans to bring them to the rest of the Gulf countries soon!

Please join her facebook group (CLICK HERE) to check out more of the collection & also to keep yourself updated about its availability.

Katharine Hepburn was a wise woman.

Wasn't she?

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Red Lipstick

If there's one thing common between my aunts and mom, is how they never leave home without lipstick. One aunt of mine actually puts on some as soon as she wakes up in the morning.
Lipsticks can be such a quick and easy way to add colour to your face and if the lipstick is red, then it can add an extra oomph to your look.

My makeup bag staple is the Lancome L'Absolu Rouge lipstick in 132 Caprice.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Watch Out For: Athath

"Athath (pronounced A-thath) is the Arabic word for furniture.

A furniture retailing company, Athath sources out designer furniture pieces from all over the world; Europe, America, the Far East and Middle East. In line with the trend moving towards modernism and minimalist design concepts, Athath focuses on modern, comfortable and more importantly affordable furniture, which caters to both the residential and commercial markets.

Based in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates, Athath operates a show gallery where the furniture is displayed more as art works to further highlight the uniqueness and creativity of the pieces and to increase the appreciation of the buyers."

Athath's showroom is still under completion, but once ready, customers will have access to beautifully made modern furniture from around the world. Some names to watch out for are Alma, Sixinch, Sand & Birch, Jardan, Lago and more!

Please join Athath's facebook page (click here) to keep yourself updated on the showroom's opening and progress!


The A-Z Tag

Cuteness: A couple playing tag

This one is for you CFJ

– Available: NO! :D
– Age: Forever 21 (officially 28)
– Animals: I love all animals. I want a ranch of my own!

– Beer: I've only had the non alcoholic variety, and it sucked!
– Best friends: I have at least 4-5 besties
– Body Part on opposite sex: adam's apple
– Best feeling in the world: being in love, feeling loved.
– Best weather: winter time in the UAE
– Been in Love: Oh yeah!
– Been on stage: Several times.
– Believe in Magic: Yes
– Believe in Santa: No
– Brand: If I had to choose just one, it would have to be Chanel

– Candy: Can't live without it. I like it all!!
– Color: A few rich shades of green, rose pink and gold
– Chocolate/Vanilla: Both
- Chinese/Indian/Italian: Chinese
- Cake or pie: Cake
– Cheese: Cake!

– Day or Night: Both
– Dancing in the rain: Hell yeah!

– Eyes: Brown/black
– Ever failed a class?: nope
– Enemies: None
– Exercise: Love it! I feel miserable when I can't workout

– First thoughts waking up: What time is it?
– Food: I live to eat. :$

– Greatest Fear: Loneliness
– Get along with your parents: Yes

– Hair Color: Brown/Black
– Happy: Yes, thank God
– Holiday: Eid

– Ice Cream: I'm not supposed to have any, but I can't resist

– Jewelry: My passion
– Job: I'm too pretty to work XD

– Kids: Never gonna have any. Long story.
– Kickboxing or karate: Karate
– Keep a journal?: Yup

– Love: Nothing like it. But it can hurt too
– Laughed so hard you cried: Always

- Milk flavor: chocolate if any
– Movies: That's what I do in life! :$
– Motion sickness: Nope

– Number: 7

– One wish: To become a billionaire without having to work for it. Being honest

– Perfect Pizza: Homemade
– Pepsi/Coke: Diet Coke
– Perfume/Cologne: Miss Dior Cherie is my favorite right now

– Quail: Haven't had any yet

– Reason to cry: Mean people
– Reality T.V: Project Runway
– Radio Station: 103.8 Dubai Eye

– Song: Gosh, too many
– Shoe size: 41 yes! I'm a tall woman! :P
– Salad Dressing: anything light
– Skinny dip: Can't wait!
– Strawberries/Blueberries: Both
– Sport: None at the moment. Wanna change that
- Sex: No comment

– Tattoos?: none
– Thunderstorms: Love them. Makes me wanna cuddle

– Unpredictable: Not really

– Vacation spot(s): I'm waiting for my dream holiday to the Maldives. Wanna go there on my honeymoon

– Weakness: Too nice
– Who makes you laugh the most: My man
– Worst Weather?: Extreme cold or heat

– X-Rays: Yup, of my mouth (before I could get my braces)

-Year it is now: 2011?
-Yellow: Gold

-Zoo animal: Lions and tigers

Love Her Look: Drew Barrymore in The Art of Fashion

Drew Barrymore looks stunning in Neiman Marcus' campaign for Fall 2011.
The campaign is called The Art of Fashion, and has been photographed by Norman Jean Roy.

Drew Barrymore in Donna Karen
Photo: Source

Behind the scene footage:


Archie, Age 7, Secret Fort

As someone who has previously worked with young kids, I've always been appreciative of their imagination and creativity. Children are full of ideas and the creative ones always find ways to translate their amazing ideas on paper.
Garrett Miller, whose Windoodles, I had blogged about earlier (click here) has another project called - Imaginawsome.
"Kids have the ability to come up with some pretty amazing things, but not always the ability to draw exactly what they were imagining. I’m here to help make those drawings come a little bit closer to reality." - Garrett Miller
What Garrett does is that he takes children's drawings and simply redraws them. Of course. Garrett's versions have more finesse of course, but the basic idea, and concept remains the same. Below, I've shared some of my favorites.

Naomi, age 7 - “Bad Rabbit”

Tamar, age 10 – “Peace to the Earth”

Carolina, age 8 - “Mermaids”

Carter, age 11 - Balloon Ship

Júlio, age 9 - “Guerra entre planetas”



All of us doodle. But unlike the rest of us, Washington based designer Garrett Miller doesn't doodle on textbooks or the newspaper. He doodles on windows. Using everything he sees outside the windows as a backdrop, Garrett creates fun scenes using only dry-erase markers and lots of imagination! Next time you know what to do when bored!

For more, click: HERE