Monday, August 15, 2011

The A-Z Tag

Cuteness: A couple playing tag

This one is for you CFJ

– Available: NO! :D
– Age: Forever 21 (officially 28)
– Animals: I love all animals. I want a ranch of my own!

– Beer: I've only had the non alcoholic variety, and it sucked!
– Best friends: I have at least 4-5 besties
– Body Part on opposite sex: adam's apple
– Best feeling in the world: being in love, feeling loved.
– Best weather: winter time in the UAE
– Been in Love: Oh yeah!
– Been on stage: Several times.
– Believe in Magic: Yes
– Believe in Santa: No
– Brand: If I had to choose just one, it would have to be Chanel

– Candy: Can't live without it. I like it all!!
– Color: A few rich shades of green, rose pink and gold
– Chocolate/Vanilla: Both
- Chinese/Indian/Italian: Chinese
- Cake or pie: Cake
– Cheese: Cake!

– Day or Night: Both
– Dancing in the rain: Hell yeah!

– Eyes: Brown/black
– Ever failed a class?: nope
– Enemies: None
– Exercise: Love it! I feel miserable when I can't workout

– First thoughts waking up: What time is it?
– Food: I live to eat. :$

– Greatest Fear: Loneliness
– Get along with your parents: Yes

– Hair Color: Brown/Black
– Happy: Yes, thank God
– Holiday: Eid

– Ice Cream: I'm not supposed to have any, but I can't resist

– Jewelry: My passion
– Job: I'm too pretty to work XD

– Kids: Never gonna have any. Long story.
– Kickboxing or karate: Karate
– Keep a journal?: Yup

– Love: Nothing like it. But it can hurt too
– Laughed so hard you cried: Always

- Milk flavor: chocolate if any
– Movies: That's what I do in life! :$
– Motion sickness: Nope

– Number: 7

– One wish: To become a billionaire without having to work for it. Being honest

– Perfect Pizza: Homemade
– Pepsi/Coke: Diet Coke
– Perfume/Cologne: Miss Dior Cherie is my favorite right now

– Quail: Haven't had any yet

– Reason to cry: Mean people
– Reality T.V: Project Runway
– Radio Station: 103.8 Dubai Eye

– Song: Gosh, too many
– Shoe size: 41 yes! I'm a tall woman! :P
– Salad Dressing: anything light
– Skinny dip: Can't wait!
– Strawberries/Blueberries: Both
– Sport: None at the moment. Wanna change that
- Sex: No comment

– Tattoos?: none
– Thunderstorms: Love them. Makes me wanna cuddle

– Unpredictable: Not really

– Vacation spot(s): I'm waiting for my dream holiday to the Maldives. Wanna go there on my honeymoon

– Weakness: Too nice
– Who makes you laugh the most: My man
– Worst Weather?: Extreme cold or heat

– X-Rays: Yup, of my mouth (before I could get my braces)

-Year it is now: 2011?
-Yellow: Gold

-Zoo animal: Lions and tigers


samaher tariq said...

i love your blog too and your header <333

Anonymous said...

I have noticed alot of us have no 7 in common ;) Interesting tag..

sadia said...

Thank you

I noticed that too!
Mine's 7 because my birthday's on January 7 :)

Butterfly Chick said...

Food: I live to eat. :$
lol so we share sth :P I actually live to sleep and eat :P lol
enjoyed reading :)

Anonymous said...

I saw lots of blog choosing Italian or Indian but you and I, we chose Chinese LOOOOL :D Do you like Chinese food?

LMAO @ job! I'm to sexy for my job, too sexy for my job, too sexy :P

zainab said...

intresting! was nice to know all those stuff about you :D

Muhammad Israr said...

Lols@ 21 forever...
Nice blog u have. Liked it.

Chick Flick Journal said...

Thanks for replying to my tag xx enjoyed reading it!
Awww I love the picture
Haha forever 21. Il3mer killah xx
9dg emaratiya akeed 3ndkm 3zba:p
adams apple?! Really?! Ewwww:p
I love the too pretty to work;)
Hahaha love your one wish! Xx
How tall are you?
Maldives<3 is amazing!!

sadia said...

Thank you all! <3

CFJ: 5'9