Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Ibrah by Alaa

Loving these crochet bags by Ibrah by Alaa

Available: Here
(Only in Kuwait)

Available in white: Here
Shipped internationally

This red bag is available: Here
Shipped internationally

Apart from this collection, Ibrah also has gorgeous handmade headbands, necklaces and brooches. Very chic!!
Join their facebook group (click here), or follow them on twitter (@ibrahq8) for updates!


Chick Flick Journal said...

mashAllah thats creative. I love it when people have a talent and they put it to good use! you know what else i love? when you share something and give us information on ho to contact or get the item :p reference xx

Freestyler said...

Nice BLog..Check Out Mine Too :)

PLz Follow :)

sadia said...

awww thanks CFJ <3

Freestyler: thanks, i will :)