Monday, August 15, 2011


Archie, Age 7, Secret Fort

As someone who has previously worked with young kids, I've always been appreciative of their imagination and creativity. Children are full of ideas and the creative ones always find ways to translate their amazing ideas on paper.
Garrett Miller, whose Windoodles, I had blogged about earlier (click here) has another project called - Imaginawsome.
"Kids have the ability to come up with some pretty amazing things, but not always the ability to draw exactly what they were imagining. I’m here to help make those drawings come a little bit closer to reality." - Garrett Miller
What Garrett does is that he takes children's drawings and simply redraws them. Of course. Garrett's versions have more finesse of course, but the basic idea, and concept remains the same. Below, I've shared some of my favorites.

Naomi, age 7 - “Bad Rabbit”

Tamar, age 10 – “Peace to the Earth”

Carolina, age 8 - “Mermaids”

Carter, age 11 - Balloon Ship

Júlio, age 9 - “Guerra entre planetas”