Monday, August 15, 2011

Watch Out For: Athath

"Athath (pronounced A-thath) is the Arabic word for furniture.

A furniture retailing company, Athath sources out designer furniture pieces from all over the world; Europe, America, the Far East and Middle East. In line with the trend moving towards modernism and minimalist design concepts, Athath focuses on modern, comfortable and more importantly affordable furniture, which caters to both the residential and commercial markets.

Based in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates, Athath operates a show gallery where the furniture is displayed more as art works to further highlight the uniqueness and creativity of the pieces and to increase the appreciation of the buyers."

Athath's showroom is still under completion, but once ready, customers will have access to beautifully made modern furniture from around the world. Some names to watch out for are Alma, Sixinch, Sand & Birch, Jardan, Lago and more!

Please join Athath's facebook page (click here) to keep yourself updated on the showroom's opening and progress!



zainab said...

wow<3 i wish now that we didn't buy some pieces of furniture yet for our apartment!

Chick Flick Journal said...

cool stuff. My taste is more classic though, but they seem to have nice pieces. I like the name

HF said...

wow i love the bookshelf in the second pic.