Sunday, September 25, 2011

Amy Winehouse & Hot Chocolate - Randomness From Last Week

Been having 2-3 cups of this everyday!
Amy Winehouse x Fred Perry
Went to the second day of the Dubai Beauty Week...That's the free gift I got :p
Job hunting :(
They are growing like crazy
Isn't this cute?? ^_^
Shiffa invited me for a facial on Friday. Will blog about it later!


prettyinthedesert said...

Ooh good luck with your job hunt!! :)

zainab said...

job hunting same here._. good luck for both of us! :D
now I'm craving the chocolate drink, is it that tasty?

Anonymous said...

Hot chocolate! Name me who could resist this! Good luck for your job hunting or house hunting :P *wedding bells ringing*

sadia said...

PITD: Thanks gorgeous! :*

Zainab: Yes! good luck sweetheart :)
And that chocolate drink is surprisingly amaaaazing! :)

C: hehe! true....for now, just hunting for a job. We already know where we're going to to live ;)

Chick Flick Journal said...

The milk holder is adorable. Good luck in finding a job love. I love bamboo sticks but I hate Amy Whinehouse

Shurooq Al Haremi said...

Hot chocolate<3 ISO 22000 said...

Hot chocolate drinks... Yummy! I love to drink hot chocolate drinks this cold weather seasons.