Monday, September 12, 2011

Artist Crush: Kelly Reemtsen

Flower Girl
Loving these paintings by American artist Kelly Reemtsen. I can't help but think of these headless figures as frustrated housewives of the 1950's who had to keep up appearances in front of society, making sure their houses, children and husbands were looked after while appearing happy and cheerful doing so. But how they felt must have been quite contradictory to their outward appearances. Perhaps that frustration even led some of them to do something drastic!

Love the dresses these anonymous women are wearing. Love the colours, the vintage style of the clothes and I love how they are carrying those dangerous tools in their pretty hands, waiting to do some serious damage! 

I've uploaded more of her work on facebook. Click HERE to take a look.

Oh! Is For Orange
Pardon The Interruption
The Hopeless Romantic 
I Don't Mean To Pry


Chick Flick Journal said...

Wow thats pretty and creative the axe is scaring me a bit. Why do I feel like you disappeared or am I imagining?

Anonymous said...

these are very cute but i would hate to put them on my wall. they are nice for companys and shops and all...
indeed they are creative though

Kel said...

These pieces are so quirky. Like stepford wives meets texas chainsaw massacre!

Lots of love from Sydney,

x Kel

the spring awakening

sadia said...

CFJ: I'm right here! ^_^

Deema: You're right! Perhaps very small versions of them!

Kel: HAHA! That's EXACTLY it!

Kamran said...

DAMN !!!! you doing grt job