Monday, September 26, 2011

endless possibilities with Ikea!

I love how Ikea furniture is so easily adaptable.
It was inspiring to see how different people have personalized this Ikea Rast Dresser (above) to suit their own taste/interiors.


zainab said...

I liked the light blue one!
we don't have Ikea at bahrain._. we might head to dahran store sometime soon to look for computer desk!

Anonymous said...

omg i love this furnitures..
how i miss to shop at ikea ^^
humm ..
glad i came across your blog hun..
i'm your newest follower
would love and appreciate it,
if you could join my site too ^^
let's keep in touch!
let me know pls.


sadia said...

Zainab: no ikea in bahrain??? :S :S :S I didn't know that.

Diane: Thank you! I'll follow your blog too :)

Nazsheikh said...

I never been a Ikea sort of shopper but since they donated 53m to Somalia(my home country) all of a sudden i am so Ikea mad. I like the black one, because it reminds me my old chest(mandoos)..

Chick Flick Journal said...

I love Ikeas simplicity and I do wish I was as creative as those people. There work is amazing!

Lenaro said...