Thursday, September 15, 2011


"Noora Alikhan is the Fashion Designer and Founder of NOOSH, based in Dubai.  She has a BA in International Relations.  Later on, she went to Florence, Italy to study cooking and painting where she found herself sketching dresses over cafe lattes most of the time!  To further this passion, she took a few courses from London School of Fashion and then created NOOSH."

"NOOSH is a passionately pretty fashion label that is mainly inspired by Coffee- the dresses are energetic yet soothing.  Casual does not have to be boring and dresses can stand out without being over the top- Looking good should come naturally.  Effortlessly stunning is what the dresses aim to make women feel."

NOOSH: Facebook | Twitter | Shop
NOOSH is also available at Aura B and  ValleyDez Boutique, Wafi, Dubai.

Photos:courtesy of NOOSH | Edited by me!


zainab said...

the lime green dress whould love to have it<3

Anonymous said...

the dresses are so pretty
she seems like she has a great taste for clothing and modest look at the same time<3

Anonymous said...

You can find her whole collection on ... she's getting a lot of great reviews indeed :))

Chick Flick Journal said...

thanks for sharing the sources Sadia. i love her model and almost all her dreesses should check it out when im in Dubai ;) SOOON inshAllah :p

sadia said...

Zainab: Check it out! Perhaps you can :)

Deema: yup! :)

Anon: Thanks for dropping by!

CFJ: I actually loved their model too! Are you coming??

NOOSH said...

Thanks Girls!

Zainab you can get the lime green dress via or via

Thanks Deema and Anonymous <3

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