Wednesday, September 21, 2011


I've had these Shiffa products for a few months now (courtesy of Dubai Confidential) but I've only just found the opportunity to use them for the first time. Quite frankly I hadn't even heard of Shiffa before but I'm so happy I got to try their luxurious products. The packaging is really nice, and the products come in beautiful containers.

Shiffa, literally means 'healing' or 'to heal' in Arabic and that is the philosophy behind the skin care products. They claim to use only the best, most luxurious, organic ingredients to make their products such as the Iranian rose, South East Asian tamanu, Indian amber, Egyptian jasmine, Lebanese orange blossom and African shea butter, etc. Shiffa products are used worldwide at numerous spas.

The cleanser and toner left my skin feeling really soft and clean and they smell divine. I initially found the tamanu cream a little heavy for my skin type but after a while it gets fully absorbed leaving the skin feeling really nourished. I've only used the products a couple of times but I'm excited to see the results after a month or so. As they are a little pricey I'm going to start by using them every night before bed. Will let you know how it goes.

I'd like to thank Leslie at Dubai Confidential again. Find out more about Shiffa HERE.

Cute packaging! 
The goodies!
The Aromatic Facial Cleanser
The Skin Balancing Facial Toner
And the Tamanu Moisturizing Cream
I apologize for the bad quality of the pics. You know how the blackberry camera is! :p


zainab said...

Yup I loved the packaging<3

Anonymous said...

i loved the packaging as well! please do let us know if this works well for u so we will try it as well. hehe I always say that I will use to i buy and be committed to have a better skin but i never commit to it! good luck and inshallah it works well for you:)

Chick Flick Journal said...

it's nice that locals are trying new things. i hope they're useful though, the packaging is pretty.

sadia said...

Thanks for the comments girls <3 I'll keep you guys updated :)