Friday, September 23, 2011

The TRESemmé Event with Tanya Burr

On Tuesday, September 20th, a few of us bloggers from the UAE were invited to a bloggers' event hosted by TRESemmé at the Westin Hotel in Dubai.

Raymond Moussan of Moussan Beauty Salon, Dubai was there to introduce us to some of TRESemmé's products and their proper/effective usage. Using the same products, Raymond also created a beautiful soft, up do on Tanya Burr's hair while giving us styling and hair care tips. This was later followed by a Q&A session with him. I loved how we were all able to discuss our hair problems with Raymond and he was very helpful too!

Overall, it was a really nice evening. I was so happy that I got to meet Tanya Burr who had especially come to Dubai for the event! You may know her as pixi2woo from her youtube makeup tutorials...I am a huge fan! You can imagine how I must have felt when she said she liked my make up. She even asked me which shade of lipstick I had on and was nice enough to pose for pics with us!

Apart from that, the food was great, I got to meet a lotta amazing bloggers and we even got goody bags full of TRESemmé products along with great tips on how to use them! God knows my hair can use some TLC!
I haven't tried these yet, but I'll write a review on them after a while.

Thanks once again to the TRESemmé UK's PR team...especially Dominic who was present at the event!
Raymond Moussan working on Tanya's hair
The goody bag!


Chick Flick Journal said...

you guys are lucky. I want this bloggers thing here:p Looks like a nice gathering <3

miya said...

tresemmes are my faaaavorite hair products ever <<< beside baby shampoo :P
you'll be amazed by how much your hair gonna be shiny & smelling good <3

sadia said...

CFJ: keep on never know :)

Miya: thanks hun! I hope they work :*

MiMi said...

That's great you got to meet Tanya I knew she was in Dubai didn't know she was attending the Tresemme event.
It's such a huge compliment when a makeup artist compliments your makeup =D
Looks like a fun event, hopefully my blog will one day be as successful as yours =)

MiMi ♥..
Make-up Overdose

Raymond Moussan said...

Hi Sadia, Thanks for the comments about me and about TRESemme it was great meting you in that event.