Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Shiffa Express Spa


I was recently invited to Shiffa's Express Spa located in Sephora, The Dubai Mall.
Once the door was closed I actually forgot I was in the middle of a busy mall, and once the soothing music went on, and the treatment started I felt completely much so that I think I actually drifted into sleep for a few minutes.

The lovely therapist Boushra, who has close to 17 years of experience, chose the treatment called Face Time for me. She used the Shiffa products to cleanse & tone my skin and then massaged my face and the area around my eyes. After the relaxing facial that lasted 20 minutes, she made a diagnosis on the condition of my skim and made recommendations on which Shiffa products would be the most suitable for me.

Apart from the Face Time treatment, the spa also offers Heavenly Hands, Foot Revival and Precious Minds. Each one costs a 100 AED and lasts up to 20 minutes.

I was actually really impressed by their service, and now, having used the Shiffa products on my skin for about two weeks (check them out HERE), I've have noticed feeling my skin really nourished! One more product that I was really impressed with is the Shiffa Healing Balm. Boushra had used it to massage my face and later told me it can be used on burns, on chapped lips, and more. She showed me how a little goes a long way, so one tub will last you ages!

Shiffa Express Spa, Sephora, Dubai Mall  +971509120219

The Shiffa booth in Sephora


zainab said...

glad that you had a wonderful time!! :D

Ginger said...

Sa7a my dear !!
Great place, I need somerhing like this these days !! :)