Monday, October 31, 2011

This and That

Sorry I haven't blogged much in these last two weeks, just had a lot on my mind!
But I'm baaack!! Here are a few random pics from my life ;)
Gift-wrap at Bloomingdale's. Aren't they gorgeous?
I won this Fyunka notebook. Thanks Alaa, I love it!
Paperchase has gotta be the best store in Sharjah! I literally spent 2 hours looking at everything.
My sister and I are now sharing a room, and she usually goes to bed early while I'm up till late.
I got her this mask so she can sleep while I keep the lights switched on.
My TedxDubai bag made out of recycled felt.
I was fortunate enough to attend TEDxDubai this year. Some great talks, and I especially loved Maria Conceicao's talk. Maria helps the poor people living in the slums of Dhaka.
Cute notebook that was inside my TEDxDubai bag. It's really nice!!
My current desktop wallpaper XD


Ginger said...

Glad you're back my dear !!
Lovely pictures !!

zainab said...

hey Sadia I missed you<333 so welcome back! :D
I loved the UK gift wrapping, the Fyunka notebook and that mask are too cute<3

Caramel Scoops said...

Loving that eye thingy =D
Will be coming back for more posts enshallah :)

sadia said...

thank you for your comments!! <3

MiMi said...

I love the eye cover, where did you get it from, it's hard to find nice ones here in Dubai :)

MiMi ♥..
Make-up Overdose

sadia said...

MiMi: it's from Claire's! ^_^

Rafia said...

Wow so many goodies..I love the fynka bag & sleep mask & where is paperchase located in Sharjah....