Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Bishts For Women by Qumar14

How gorgeous is this brown women's bisht?
Love the colours and it's just perfect for winter!

Qumar14 is a Kuwaiti brand, and this is what they say:

"Growing up, my grandmother used to tell me about how in her day, a beautiful girl was nicknamed Qumar 14. This collection was made for the effortlessly chic girl with pieces that transition from a family gathering to a night with the girls."

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Maria said...

The brown one is so beautiful

zainab said...


Qumar14 said...

Thank you for featuring our Brand :)

Just wanted to mention that the brown bisht is no longer available but all the other colors are.

we ship around the world :)

fionkafied said...

Those look amazing for lounging around in the house or tent! Love it <3

mad@you said...

i really loved the brown one, very pretty. do you make them?

Sulenur said...

Hey,I emailed to you i wanna buy one but i dont know how to buy and i live in usa!
Please let me know!