Saturday, December 10, 2011

Tried & Tested: Shiffa

L-R: Aromatic Facial Cleanser | Skin Balancing Toner | Tamanu Moisturising Cream

A couple of months ago, I had blogged about Shiffa (see post: here) and it has been exactly 2 months since I've been using the three products and all three containers are almost empty. I thought I'd give my readers an update.

Aromatic Facial Cleanser:

"Sweet rosy oil of geranium & grapefruit to cleanse, balance and uplift your skin. Ancient healing chamomile to calm, purify, & soothe. Anti bacterial tea tree & avocado to condition & moisturise skin Miraculous fruits of the olive tree leaving skin soft, supple & moisturised."

Like all Shiffa products the cleanser is made of natural, organic ingredients and isn't harsh on the skin. But admittedly I sometimes have to use it twice to get all the excess makeup off. I would recommend it to anyone with sensitive skin. I'm not a fan of cleansing lotions, but this one didn't leave my skin feeling oily which I really liked!

Skin Balancing Toner:

"Cooling aloe vera to soothe. Italian bergamot to restore balance. Refreshing Damask rose. Mineral-rich seaweed to help eliminate impurities and repair. Bergamot to relax. Stimulating hazel to bring new skin to life."

Again, very gentle, extremely healing. I had to be careful not to use too much of this because it left my skin looking a little oily, but if you're careful and use it in small amounts it's a great product!

Tamanu Moisturising Cream:

"Healing & regenerating powerful aromatic tamanu plant oil. Aromatic rosemary to rejuvenate. Chilean rosehip oil to moisturise and smooth skin. Nourishing jojoba to soften. Jasmine to tone, firm and refine. Anti-ageing avocado oil. Delicate calendula plant to protect and defend against environment damage."

When I had visited the Shiffa Express Spa (see post: hereat Sephora, Dubai Mall, the therapist was extremely confident and excited about this cream. I could tell she firmly believed in its properties, and quite frankly I have fallen in love with it! It makes my skin soft, deeply moisturized and it feels well looked after! As it is very rich, a small amount goes a long way and on those days when I want to give my skin a little extra TLC, I apply it generously on my face and neck before going to bed, and in the morning the skin feels supple and smooth!

My sister also gave the three products a go and she loved them! She used it at night before going to bed and after a long day in the office, she felt her skin feeling supple and rejuvenated. I am looking forward to buying all three products again once I completely run out of them.

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