Saturday, October 20, 2012

Tried, Tested and LOVED: Davines OI / Oil Absolute Beautifying Potion

I have the frizziest hair in the world and no matter how mild my shampoo is and no matter which mask I use, more often than not, my hair ends up looking like a hay stack. Apart from the frizz, I've been "blessed" with extremely fine hair. No matter what styling product I use, too little, and it won't work and too much, it gets greasy and weighed down.

 But I have finally found the solution to my problem hair!!!! A few months ago, I tried the Davines OI / Oil Absolute Beautifying Potion for the first time and I loved it so much that it has become my favourite hair product ever!

I use this oil on my wet hair after every wash and on dry hair whenever I want to style or condition it. Even though the bottle says 2-3 squeezes of the stuff is enough, my dry, frizzy hair can take more of this stuff and doesn't feel weighed down or greasy...that is something I love the most about this's not at all greasy!

The oil contains Roucou oil from the Amazon which, according to the Davines website, is "rich in restructuring, growth-stimulating  and anti-oxidant  properties."

It's so good that Allure gave it the Best in Beauty 2012 award.

Here's an OI / Oil tutorial by Angelo Seminara that you might find useful too.

A 135ml bottle of Davines OI / Oil Absolute Beautifying Potion retails for 149 AED and is available in the following salons in the UAE:

Galina's beauty salon- Sheikh Zayed Road, Al Barsha 1 Saratoga bldg. Dubai UAE 04-341885
Diva ladies beauty salon- Shop No. 2 Icon Tower Tecom New Media City, Dubai UAE 04-4227272
Radiance beauty center- Bawadi Mall Al Ain, UAE 03-7550900
Famous Beauty Salon - Villa No. 796 Jumeirah Beach Road Dubai, UAE 04-3282755
Thai Privilege Spa - Uttamah Villas #1047, Al Wasl Road, Dubai 043489678
Timeless Spa - Terminal 3 Dubai International Airport, Dubai UAE 04-2244000

Thursday, October 11, 2012

La Vela Candles

I love coming across brands that are locally produced, handmade and are of the best possible quality. One such product is La Vela Candles made by Dubai based Lakshmi Sukumaran. I met Lakshmi a couple of months ago, and have been meaning to blog about her beautiful candles, but not before I had experienced their fragrance and burning by myself. I finally bought one and was really impressed! 

 La Vela Candles are made using 100% soywax. Soywax candles are Eco friendly, cleaner burning, longer lasting than paraffin candles. They are biodegradable and water soluble. La Vela candles even use lead free wicks.

Lakshmi also creates candles for weddings, party favours, with personalized labels, etc.
You can get your hands on a La Vela Candle by contacting Lakshmi at +971507945659. They are also available at a few selected boutiques around Dubai.

La Vela Candles: Facebook | Twitter

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Jean Shrimpton and David Bailey revisited

I've been obsessing over my favourite model from the swinging sixties Jean Shrimpton, and while going through her photos online, I came across this shot by New York based photographer Ken Mogzolov, who has recreated a photo of Jean Shrimpton taken by photographer David Bailey (who she also had a relationship with at one time) in the year 1960. 

I just had to share this with my readers.
Photo: Source
2012 Photo credits: Model: Alexandra Palmer | MUA & Hair: Takashi Ashizawa | Photographer: Ken Mogzolov | Location: New York

I thought I would also share some other gorgeous photos of Jean that I've found online.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Review: Garnier BB Cream

 Last month, in conjunction with the regional launch of its BB Cream, Garnier Arabia sent me a couple of samples to try out.

Frankly, this was my first BB, or blemish balm cream ever and I didn't know what to expect.
Once blended, The Garnier BB Cream has a nice, light texture, and gives enough coverage for day time use. I tried it on after using my cleaner and toner in the morning but didn't like the result much as it made my face look a little chalky. But once I added a layer of my daily moisturizer under it and a dusting of powder over it once it had settled, I loved it! What I loved most about the cream is how I was able to hide my dark circles without looking too "made up".

The only cons that I could think of was it only comes in two shades, Light and Medium.
But as an affordable BB Cream that gives adequate coverage, this is a good buy.

Garnier BB Cream is now available at all leading supermarkets, hypermarkets and pharmacies across the GCC.

Connect with Garnier Arabia: website | facebook | twitter

Light (L) and Medium (R) swatches 
Light (L) and Medium (R) creams after blending

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Five Days in Paradise

After years of lusting after photos of the Maldives, I was lucky enough to be able to finally visit the beautiful country earlier this month, and I kid you not, the photos don't do any justice to its beauty.

When planning a holiday to the Maldives, the biggest challenge is finding a resort that's right for you and after days of research, I finally chose to get an Island Villa on Coco Palm Bodu Hithi and it turned out to be just perfect. After making considerations for price, availability and all the other boring stuff, high on my priority list was a private pool and access to a beautiful beach right at my doorstep and I got exactly that. The staff were also friendly and very accommodating, taking care I was given my privacy because of my hijab, etc.

The resort is just a (fun) 40 minutes speedboat ride away froMalé International Airport and as soon as I set foot on the island, I couldn't stop smiling...and taking photos! I couldn't believe I was actually there! The resort is simply breathtaking, with its beautiful waters, gorgeous villas and pathways with thick, luscious planting on either side, that make you feel like you're walking through a tropical forest when making your way around the island.

As a foodie, this post would be incomplete unless I comment on how great the food was...and GREAT it was. Every morning I nearly skipped along the path leading to the Air Restaurant that served the breakfast buffet. The quality and variety of dishes in the buffet was as good as anywhere else I've been and the food was simple delicious (Gosh I miss those waffles!!). I loved eating out in the open, getting sea sprayed and enjoying the beautiful views. The restaurant staff was also very nice! It was nice to see their smiley, polite faces early in the morning..hehe!

The staff, which is made up mostly of natives are very friendly and keen to strike up a conversation. 
Sanjay, the guest relation officer was extremely helpful and on my second day on the island, made arrangements for me to switch villas so that I could have access to the most beautiful area of  the beach on the island. Rauf, my villa attendant was equally nice! He came to clean the place twice a day and loved to chat. Rauf even tried teaching me a few words in his language, which I had a very hard time pronouncing correctly. Another staff member whom I found extremely helpful was the Spa receptionist/manager Cynthia. Each treatment room at the Coco Spa has its own private infinity pool. Cynthia made sure I got the room that had the most private pool that wasn't overlooked from anywhere!

All in all, it was a perfect holiday, and I can't wait to go back! 

Leaving the airport by speedboat
Arriving at Coco Palm Bodu Hithi
Urns such as this one at the steps leading up to my villa, are places at every short distance around the resort, filled with water with which to wash your feet.
The Other Hand by Chris Cleave was what I read throughout the trip...especially while lounging by the pool
The private infinity pool in my treatment room at Coco Spa
Beautiful marine life and clear waters
This Khiel sunblock is amazing! I'm so happy I bought it at Dubai airport.
Had a "Kurumba" for the first time

Traditional Maldivian handicraft
Went kayaking around the island. It's harder than it looks. My arms and legs were about to fall off midway. But the sights were totally worth the pain.
Leaving the island early in the morning.

Last glimpse of the islands...*sigh*