Thursday, May 10, 2012

Sandustar Sock Monkeys

Love these cute Sandustar sock monkey handmade by Mali and I think these would make perfect gifts for kids!
Mali has been making them for 5 years and sells them at ARTE markets that are regularly held in Dubai Festival City and Times Square Center, Dubai.
The big ones are for 130 AED, while the smaller ones are for 100 AED.

Apart from the monkeys, Mali also makes sock bunnies, elephants, puppies and cats! Awesome :)


Maria said...

That is so cute!!
Its good to see you posting again xx

sadia said...

Thanks Maria! :)

ireminisces said...

Asalamu alaikum
Congratulations on a wonderful blog.
Belief In The Aakhirah is my latest bloglet come on have a read comment/follow welcomed, stay blessed.

p.s can you supply to uk.

Zee said...


Alexander Giovanne said...

oh wow ,, it's weird how colors can change everything ... luv them ! thank u x