Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Get To Know: Doha based designer Selina Farooqui

The talented Selina Farooqui (right)

I recently came across Selina Farooqui's work and was so impressed by her creativity that I had to find out more!
Selina is based in Doha, Qatar but her desings are soon coming to Dubai.

I got the chance to ask her a few questions:

Please tell us about yourself.
My name is Selina Farooqui, I’m 24 years old and I’m originally from India. I would describe myself as a creative, quirky perfectionist, fashion designer and dreamer. Based in Doha, Qatar, I manage and design for my own fashion label Selina Farooqui. The brand image is a collaboration between Indian and Arabic influences on contemporary styled garments. The aesthetic behind my designs reflect my background, being brought up in an Indian household…amongst a westernized community…in the Middle East. The unique combinations of fabrics, details, embellishments, colors and use of textures are what I believe set me apart from my competitors. The clothes are feminine and rich in detail, yet easy to wear and versatile for a range of occasions depending on how you choose to style them.
How long have you been designing for? How did you get into the field?
I started my brand in August 2010, a year before graduating from the Virginia Commonwealth University, School of the Arts in Qatar. It was actually a jacket design in one of my collections I made during my junior year at university that caught the interest of a local boutique here in Doha, and from then on, the adventure began. I still have that jacket till today, it has become a signature piece! Learning the business side of fashion was a challenge at first, but through my experiences, I grew and developed my idea of a fashion label into a strong brand and identity.
Your inspiration when it comes to designing?
A lot of my inspirations come from architecture and handicrafts. I love to mix traditional, ethnic touches with contemporary and modern materials and silhouettes.
How would y ou describe you own personal style and what influences it.
My personal style is ever changing, depends on my mood, where I’m going, what day of the week it is! One day I like wearing bold, bright colors, the next I’m in feminine, light pastels. I’m drawn to so many different styles and looks in fashion, I think that’s what makes me as a designer able to create something that’s versatile and fresh every season. As a designer, our job is to be never be a one-note.
Designers you love?
Lanvin, Dolce & Gabbana for their ultra glamorous, over the top, luxury
Valentino, Nina Ricci for their soft, feminine and dreamy aesthetic
Dries Van Noten for his constant innovation with fashion while maintaining styles that are wearable and desirable
Where are your clothes available? Do you stock in the UAE? If not, any plans?
My current collection for 2012 is available at Impression Boutique in The Pearl-Qatar. This is the hottest boutique in the country’s most prestigious retail address. I will also be available in one of my all time favorite boutiques, S*uce in Dubai later this month!

Find out more about Selina: Facebook | Twitter

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