Monday, June 18, 2012

Spa Treatment Review: Balinese Massage at Polished Spa

I'm back! I'm so sorry to have disappeared for a week but my laptop nearly died on me and I had to get it fixed. Anyway, while I was away, I was invited by Polished Spa in Sharjah for the most amazing Balinese massage on Wednesday and I wanted to write a little review it here.

I was greeted by the owner Najla Al Ansari who showed me around her beautiful spa. Taking a look around the spa, it was evident that Najla has put in a lot of work into it. There is a great attention to detail in both, the space and service.

I was served a cool cup of delicious tea. That helped calm me down after the ride up to the spa in this heat! While I sipped on that, I met my therapist. She gave me a little description of the massage, its benefits and inquired about my medical conditions if any. She asked if there was any area of concern that I needed her to focus on and told me to let her know as I soon as I experienced any discomfort.

After I had changed into my robe, the therapist first gave my feet a wash..and no! they don't stink :p After that, whatever happened is a dreamy haze. The tranquil interiors, the soft soothing music, the distant sound of flowing water set the stage for the perfect escape...especially in this weather! The therapist was careful to give each limb enough time before working on my back and shoulders. As I had told her to concentrate on that area, she applied the most pressure there, using different strokes and techniques. She applied a lot of pressure (but never more than I could bear) and I could feel my muscles relaxing. The jasmine essential oil (they use the Thai brand Panpuri) she used left me feeling pampered. All in all, it was a very good experience and I found myself dozing off on more than one occasion...that's a good sign! Right? Once the massage was over, I was left alone for a while to rest before being served some delicious lavender tea.

Balinese massages are supposed to boost circulation and give a deep tissue and muscular massage. After the massage, I felt not only relaxed, but I really did feel my back was less stiffer, I felt calm and it's gotten a little easier for me to move around. I would definitely recommend the Balinese massage at the Polished Spa to anyone, anytime!

Polished Spa have an variety of treatments...massages, body scrubs, facial, hair conditioning treatments, tanning and different kinds of mani/pedis. They even have a lot of amazing products for that stood out the most for me is the Mama Mio line. Even though I'm not pregnant and I haven't had any kids, I am going to get some Mama Mio cellulite busting, skin tightening products. I know this brand is very popular with celebrities and so I can't wait to try it!

Polished Spa is located behind University Road Sharjah and is in close proximity to Emirates Road.

Website | Facebook | Twitter
Phone: +9716 543 5453 / +971 56 7461107
The private mani/pedi area
The treatment rooms
Mama Mio products on display
Lavender tea


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Oh, I LOVE Balinese massages! this place looks really cool!

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