Thursday, June 21, 2012

Switch To Nutella At Switch Dubai

I was recently invited to the Switch To Nutella event held at the Switch restaurant to celebrate the launch of its Nutella Bar - serving a menu based entirely on Nutella.

Admittedly, I'm not the world's biggest Nutella fan, so I was curious to discover what they might have come up with using the stuff and whether or not they would convince me to give Nutella another try.

At the event, I got to try the Nutella pizza (yup! you read that right), some Nutella brownies and my favourite - Nutella puffs. The puffs were basically dumplings filled with Nutella...but they really won me over! As soon as I bit into one, gooey, sweet Nutella oozed into my mouth filling it with its chocolaty goodness, and I simply couldn't stop myself from having a few more. The Nutella brownie was equally to-die-for.
 Besides these dishes, and the pizza, you can get your Nutella fix at Switch from crepes, waffles and much more.

While at the restaurant, I also got to taste Switch's camel burgers and I kid you not, they were one of the best burgers I've ever had. Not only was I thinking that the camel burgers wouldn't be that great, I was expecting them to taste funny...but I'm glad to say I was wrong. I totally LOVED them!

Switch, Dubai Mall: website | twitter | facebook

Nutella Puffs
Nutella Brownie
Nutella Pizza
Nutella oozes out of the center when you bite into the puffs!


Fatma A Rus said...

i tried the waffles, it tastes so GOOD!

Nazsheikh said...

hmmmmmmm yummyyyyy!!! now, i am envious, where has this been all my life? especially in my teen years,.. sad,,, we have nothing of a sort in London...

sadia said...

Fatma: I really want to taste the waffles :)

Naz: Whenever you come to Dubai, you have to go to Switch ^_^

Rahmah Saad said...

mmmmm looks so kids would simply adore these :)

Nazsheikh said...

insha'allaah... i so, will make it my mission to do so...