Monday, May 27, 2013

Loewe: Best Hands of Spain

Loewe recently hosted an event at their Dubai Mall store that I got the opportunity (and time!) to attend. The event was organized to showcase Loewe's expert craftsmanship. A craftsman (below) was especially flown in from Spain for the day. He has been with the company since he was 14 years old and still works for Loewe. He displayed his handbag making skills throughout the evening and seemed very passionate about his work.

As a thank you for attending, Loewe gave the guests these beautiful leather bound notebooks with our initials  monogrammed on them. I can't decide what to use it for! It's so beautiful that I don't wanna ruin it by writing in it! hehe

We were also presented with a little booklet about Loewe's products and how they are carefully handcrafted   by their craftsmen. Here are a few photos from the booklet.

While browsing online, I even found a short video on youtube about Loewe and Best Hands of Spain. Enjoy! ^_^


Mariam Ahmed said...

i love Loewe , especially their handbags so beautiful and well done , also i like that they are not all over the place like prada , LV .....
great article , welcome back to blogging sadia , you were missed ^_^


prettyinthedesert said...

You're back!!!!!! <3

This looks like it was a lot of fun :)

sadia said...

@Mariam Ahmed Thanks sweetie!

@Prettyinthedesert Yes I am! <3