Tuesday, June 4, 2013

How I Store My Coconut Oil

I'm obsessed with coconut oil. I use it as a body moisturizer (on wet skin after a shower), makeup remover (especially eye makeup), as a massage oil, hair conditioner and I've even used it once to clean a leather bag in an emergency! And sometimes after a very long, tiring day I rub in a couple of drops on my face before bed and it works wonders!

I always get the edible variety of Parachute coconut oil; the one you can usually find in supermarkets in the cooking oil aisle. I haven't had any problems with it except that I don't like the blue plastic bottles it comes in. ..they're just not pretty. So while shopping the other day, I picked up these cute, inexpensive glass bottles from Home Centre and filled them up with the Parachute coconut oil.

I keep a bottle next to the kitchen sink, the bathroom counter, the shower and even one on my night stand.



Karamilah said...

i tried parachute oil for my hair and its amazing.
however for body and face, never tried it. Maybe the reason is the strong smell of coconut which i hate and causes me headache.

lovely bottles.

sadia said...

Thanks K! <3 I love the smell of coconut actually...reminds me of macaroons!