Monday, June 17, 2013

Tried, Tested and Loved: Le Volume De Chanel

I am SUPER excited about my new mascara. I've been using Benefit's They're Real for a while now and although I was happy with it, I wanted a change! 

I hadn't really heard anything about Le Volume De Chanel before I saw it in Sephora, Dubai Mall a couple of days ago, but it looked interesting so I bought it anyway.

You won't believe how sensitive my eyes are, and a lot of eyeliners and mascaras irritate them easily, making them teary and red. But I'm SO happy that this mascara does none of that, suits my eyes and makes my fine, sparse and short lashes look thick and long! This is a definite keeper and totally worth the money!

My eyelashes with just one coat of the mascara.


Florine D. Marioli said...

It looks really great! I'm happy that I discovered your blog.

Kisses x

sadia said...

@Florine: Thanks <3

Florine D. Marioli said...

I have a little question, which one do you think is the best to have amazing lashes, they're real or le volume?

Thanks <3

sadia said...

@Florine: They are both nice! But Le Volume comes off easily.